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Who are you going to call?
In emergencies rely on Red Cross
Red Cross Liberty Branch Program Coordinator Mark A. Hunt and disaster volunteer Donaka Haynes stand ready by the emergency response vehicle in Hinesville. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon
March is Red Cross Month and the Liberty Branch of the American Red Cross Savannah Chapter is trying to raise awareness on the services provided.
In addition to the life-saving courses such as CPR and first aid, the Red Cross provides resources and financial aid for the military through the Armed Forces Emergency Services and provides disaster relief services.
The Liberty Branch office provides disaster relief for Liberty, Long and Bryan counties. The majority of relief is providing assistance to the victims of fires and many in the community are not aware of this vital assistance program.
“The message I would like to get out is, that if your neighbors’ house catches on fire, call the American Red Cross,” Liberty Branch program coordinator Mark A. Hunt said. “The quicker we receive the call, the sooner we can activate our volunteer response team and assist the family with their needs.”
For fire victims, the Red Cross provides temporary lodging if the family does not have anywhere to stay. They also provide the victims with financial assistance to immediately replace clothing they lost and for food. In some instances counseling can be provided for the family.
Since January, the Liberty Branch office has responded to eight fires in Liberty County, five in Long and four in Bryan. The Red Cross has their emergency response vehicle equipped, not only to assist the families, but also firefighters by providing necessary water and canteen supplies to help them in their battle against the blaze.  
“I have teams on call and as soon as we receive the call for assistance, we can send them out, but if we don’t get called then we can’t go,” Hunt said. “The Red Cross is here for everybody.”
He said the Red Cross prepares to help wherever and whoever needs it, but that they also work to prepare potential vicitms.
“Preparing a disaster plan and making your family and friends aware of your plan is important,” he said. “Everybody needs a disaster plan.”
For more information on disaster planning, CPR courses or how to volunteer, call Liberty Branch office at 876-3975.
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