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Wife says husband threatened to burn her
Hinesville PD blotter for Nov. 23

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Disorderly conduct — An officer was sent to a convenience store at Highway 84 and MLK on Nov. 15 "in reference to a fight in progress."

It was already over by the time the officer arrived, but one of the suspects was still in the store. So was video on the store’s security camera. It showed the suspect come into the store "stating that ‘he was going to jail today.’ He then walked outside and approached some other males that were coming around the building … The store manager said that the suspect came back into the store pacing around at which time he removed his shirt and hat and started out the door again after the other males. That’s when she called the police," the report said.

As the officer talked to the shirtless suspect, "he became argumentative and would not do as he was asked. As he was being placed under arrest he began pulling away and trying to make a scene as if the police were trying to harm him."

Another officer took the man to jail.

Disorderly conduct, part 2 — On Nov. 15, an officer was sent to Lyman Hall Elementary School at 8 a.m. because "a parent who appeared to be intoxicated, attempting to pick up a child."

The officer met with the principal and assistant principal, who said that while the woman talked to them she seemed "intoxicated" and there was a "strong odor of alcohol emitting from her person. Due to their observations, (the woman) was advised that she would not be allowed to pick up her child."

That set the woman off, according to the report, which said she "became extremely angry and began cursing at them, with several students present. She continued to curse at (the principals). Due to her aggressive attitude and appearing to want to cause harm to either of them, she was told several times to leave. She was then informed that the police were going to be called."

The woman left, but not before giving a final "(bleep) off" and "(presenting him with her middle finger)."

The principal said he would try to have the woman banned from the building. He was given a case number and told to call police again if the woman returned.

Aggravated assault — This one is chilling. A woman went to HPD on Nov. 15 to report her husband had attacked her. She was also looking for advice from the officer about an ongoing situation involving her husband.

The woman said she only has a problem with her husband when he drinks but "the problem is (the husband) drinks every night." She said he choked her until she "grayed out" the previous night, and then drug her outside, where he "splashed gasoline on both of them while making threats to burn them both up."

The woman said she got away from him, "gathered up the children from the back of the residence" and left. She told the officer she’s talked to her father-in-law, who supports her. And she told the officer "she did not want to prosecute or assist in prosecution of (her husband) until she arranged a chance to try and get (him) medical or mental help to make him want to quit drinking."

The officer said he tried to explain the Georgia Family Violence Act and that her husband could be prosecuted without her consent, "she made it plain that is not what she wanted to happen in this matter."

The officer told her to avoid her husband and "if she and his family were insistent in going through with any type of intervention that it needed to happen soon. I explained to (her) the cycle of domestic abuse and violence, and I tried to warn her that if it happened once it will happen again, very possibly with worse results."

The woman left the police department with her children in tow.

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