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Wife sends husband threatening text
HPD Blotter

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Disorderly conduct: A Hinesville man reported June 14 his wife sent him a threatening text after he sent her a message saying he needed to schedule “certain time and dates for her to watch their children,” a report said.

The man claimed his wife responded by texting him “I will take the steel bat in my back seat and beat you until I see your brains and ride in prison for that (expletive deleted).” The man was given a case number and warrant procedures.

Dispute, reckless driving: Police were called June 15 to a hit and run on Highway 84. There he talked to the complainant, who said a man stopped by his house and started an argument with his wife, who was visiting the complainant, and started cussing at him.

The complainant said he pointed at the road “attempting to signal for (the man) to leave,” and when he approached the man’s vehicle the man tried to hit him with it.

“(The complainant) said he was able to dodge the vehicle in his yard a couple of times and grabbed his ninja stick,” the report said, and noted the man then drove away.

The officer then talked to the man’s wife. She said her husband had been drinking and was having a dispute with the complainant because she was at his house. “She said she did not see anything else because she departed the area on her bicycle.”

The officer then talked to the man, who said he didn’t do anything and had only had one 24-ounce beer.

The officer saw tire tracks in the yard and then learned the man’s tag was suspended, though he hadn’t been told yet.

The complainant got a case number,  and was told how to take out a warrant.

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