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Woman charged with beating up son
Ludowici Police reports
Ludowici cop car

The Ludowici Police Department recently made two arrests, and Chief Robert Poppell answered questions regarding prison work details.

Poppell said his department responded to a call Oct. 16 on Gamble Lane, where it was believed that dogfighting was taking place. Upon arrival, officers found groups of dogs chained to poles throughout the property. All of the dogs were in poor condition with no food, water, or shelter, he said.

Leander McCray was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. Poppell said Long County’s animal control officer was contacted, and the animals were placed in his custody.

McCray also faces numerous violations of county ordinances with regard to the treatment of animals, Poppell said.

Poppell also said a Ludowici woman was recently arrested after assaulting her son. An officer responded to a call Oct. 20 on North McDonald Street, where Lori Ilsley, 51, reportedly punched and scratched her 29-year-old son. Poppell said the victim’s father witnessed the assault. Ilsley was charged with battery under the Georgia Family Violence Act.

Poppell also addressed questions brought to the Police Department regarding prison work details.

“The Ludowici Police Department was recently contacted with a question regarding the legal consequences of providing contraband like cigarettes, cellphone and food to prisoners working on details on our roadways,” he said.

Poppell said it is illegal to provide an inmate of the state, county or any municipal jail with any sort of drugs, weapons or other contraband when they are working on a detail.

“If you are caught, you will be charged with a felony offense, and the inmate caught with the contraband may also be punished with a year or more added onto his or her sentence,” the chief said.

Poppell said it is also illegal to cross any guard line of a jail, prison, work camp or a work detail with drugs, weapons or other contraband. This includes throwing items out for the inmate to pick, smuggling items into a facility or tossing items over a wall or fence to inmates. He said any person caught bringing contraband beyond a guard line would be charged with a felony and, if convicted, could be sentenced to up to four years in prison.

“Please take this warning seriously, and if you see anyone throwing items out to a work detail, call your local police or sheriff’s office immediately,” he said.

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