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Woman hides shoplifted items in two purses and large trash can

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Shoplifting: An officer was sent to Walmart on May 17 regarding a woman who was spotted hiding “a large quantity of items in two purses, a large trash can she had taken off a display, which she placed inside a shopping cart. (She) also had other items in the shopping cart that were not concealed,” the report said, noting she exited the garden center doors without paying for the items.”

The woman allegedly “took a total of 107 items with a value of $1,453.01,” the report said.

While checking out the woman through dispatch, the officer found she was wanted in Savannah for contempt of court.

She was hauled to jail.

Fraud: Another report from May 17, this time involving a man who said two people scammed him by offering to pay him $50 if he would “say something about the military for the newspaper.”

The victim said he was approached while walking downtown when he was “approached by an unknown black male and unknown white male,” and asked him if he wanted to make $50. When he said yes, he was asked for his identification and the statement. The man said he did and then one of the men “stepped away and made a phone call,” wrote down a number and then said they all “had to go to Navy Federal Credit Union to get the $50,” the report said.

So, the men got into a white van and drove to the credit union, where the victim was given the number the man wrote down and told to go inside, give it to the clerk and “get the ‘starter package.’” The victim did as he as he was told, and while inside was told by the clerk that he would be able to deposit his “SSI” social security income to the account.

He then went back outside and was asked “for the starter package, debit card and pin number. (Victim) gave the male the information and also told the male that he will be able to deposit his SSI income into the account. The male said he would be able to set that up for him. The male then left the vehicle and came back in a few minutes and gave (victim) $50 and his debit card back to him. The male told (victim) to check the newspaper next week and see if his statement is in there then go pick up his $190 from the newspaper place.”

The man was given a case number. The black male was described as being about 5 feet, 9 inches and 160 pounds with “gold teeth/grill” and the white male was about 6-feet-1 and 200 pounds with tattoos covering his face.

Aggravated assault: Also from May 17 comes this tale of a man who was shot in the neck with a BB gun. When the officer got to Pineland Square apartments, he met the man’s wife, who said her husband was inside the apartment “having a seizure.”

The officer went to the apartment and found the man “getting up off the floor then he laid back down, clutching his neck with a black T-shirt and breathing heavy.” Emergency medical personnel showed up soon and carted the man to the hospital.

The officer then got a statement from the victim’s wife, who said her husband, the teen suspect and another teen “had a Facebook beef” the week before over one of the teen’s texts to his wife.

The officer then went to talk to the victim, who said he went out to meet the teens and got into a scuffle.

“(Victim) said he began walking away when (suspect) went into his house and got a BB gun (pump rifle). (Victim) stated (suspect) tried shooting him several times as he walked away. (Victim) stated (suspect) kept running behind him pumping the BB gun and trying to shoot him. (Victim) further stated (the other teen) told (suspect) to shoot him. (Victim) went on to say (suspect) and (the other teen) were laughing as all this was taking place. (Victim) stated he was shot in the neck when he turned around. (Victim) said he was near the intersection of Glenn Bryant Rd. and Pineland Ave. when he was shot.”

The wife gave the deputy the BB her husband removed from his neck and the officer turned it over to a detective. Police are investigating.

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