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Women uses mother's name during traffic stop
Hinesville PD blotter for Feb. 13

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Theft: An officer was sent to Grandview Drive on Monday to talk to a woman who "stated someone stole her welcome mat."

"(Complainant) informed me that she last saw her welcome mat by her front door (Sunday at 5 p.m.) and did not know it was missing until (11 a.m. Monday). The welcome mat was a brown L.L. Bean mat with a large letter ‘B’ in the middle. (The woman) did not hear anything unusual last night and did not see anything suspicious either," the report said. The officer gave her a case number and (drove around the neighborhood but could not locate the welcome mat.

Disorderly conduct: An officer was sent to Beall’s Outlet on Tuesday, where he spoke to two women who were creating a disturbance.

"My investigation revealed both women have a history of bad blood between them from when they worked together at the post office. Today they both happened to be shopping at Beall’s at the same time. During this time they had a minor verbal confrontation inside the store. (One woman) then exited the store and (the other) exited the store soon after (the first woman). Both women by their admittance then had a verbal confrontation in the parking lot where they threatened to whip each other’s (expletive), which resulted in them chest bumping each other in the parking lot."

The officer told both women they could’ve avoided the confrontation if they "would have put the slightest effort in to avoid each other, which they did not do."

The women were given case numbers and warrant procedures were explained.

Criminal trespass: A man went to HPD on Monday to report the mother of his child "broke the front driver side window of his vehicle … at the traffic light on E.G. Miles and Veterans Parkway."

"He said (the woman) got out of her vehicle and hit his window with a twirling baton. He then told me he nearly had to drive through the red light in order to get away from (the woman). He also told me she is responsible for multiple scratches on his vehicle and he had to replace a tire which she punctured."

The officer said he asked the man why the woman "committed these acts," the report said. "He said because she wants to be in a relationship with him, but he does not want to be with her."

The officer tried to call the woman but her number had been disconnected. The man was given a case number.

Criminal trespass: An officer was sent to Geovista Credit Union shortly before 2 p.m. Tuesday "reference a suspicious person walking in and out of the bank," a report said.

The branch manager then told police the man, whom she named, "would come and grab coffee intended for customers, walked up to the tellers and would count his pennies at the station."

The manager said the man intimidated customers. She also said most police know him, because he’s already been told he is not welcome at the bank. She said "he usually has a foul odor emitting from his body and regularly urinates and defecates on himself."

The man was escorted from the property.

Stolen guns: A man reported Monday his Glock .45 caliber handgun was stolen from his car while he was in the Big Apple. The man said he tried to go into the bar with the gun but was told he couldn’t, so he put it in his car. The man said there was a dent on his door but no other damage and he wasn’t sure if his keyless lock actually locked.

A man reported Tuesday that someone took his Ruger 9-millimeter handgun. The man said the last time he saw the gun was at a Super Bowl party Sunday at his house.

Pointing gun at another: An officer was sent to Car Wash Express on Monday because a passenger in a Jeep pointed a gun at one of the business’ employees, according to the manager. Warrant procedures were explained to the employee.

A man went to HPD on Monday to report that a Sara Lane man pointed a gun at him and threatened to kill him because he was using his tools. Warrants were explained.

Driving offenses: Shortly before 9 p.m. Tuesday an officer made a traffic stop on Hendry Street because the driver made a left turn from the right turn only lane. The driver told the officer she didn’t have her license with her but provided her name, date of birth, Florida address and Social Security number. The officer checked the information and it came back for a valid license, so he wrote the woman a ticket and sent her on her way.

"Later that night, the driver was involved in a motor vehicle collision in the county," the report continued, and the woman was arrested and taken to jail by a deputy.

At that point, it was discovered the woman had given the HPD officer her mother’s name, etc. Her license had been suspended.

She was charged with driving on a suspended license, obstruction and failure to obey a traffic control device.

Shoplifting: A woman allegedly stole two cartons of Maverick menthol cigarettes from a Walmart Neighborhood Market around 4 a.m. Monday. The store manager said the woman was wearing a black shirt with the words "Game over" on the front, and pink pants. She was with a man who apparently acted as a lookout. The two cartons of cigarettes were valued at $89.

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