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Raffle started for Veterans Salute
Proceeds for Veterans Memorial Walk

Members of the Hinesville Military Affairs Committee are selling raffle tickets for a 50/50 drawing Nov. 1 during the second annual Veterans Salute Day at Bryant Commons.
HMAC Chairman and City Councilman David Anderson said last month he would accept responsibility for getting the required license for a raffle. Since the last meeting, member P.J. Schneider had gotten raffle tickets printed. He turned them over to member Barbara Martin VanDuser, who distributed about half among members at the meeting.
Previously, members had agreed to sell the tickets for $5 each. At Monday’s meeting, Anderson proposed that they sell single tickets for $5 or five for $20. After discussion, George Holtzman moved to approve that. Tickets are available from any HMAC member or by calling VanDuser at 912-610-1447.
“We’re trying to accomplish a pretty large task again this year,” Anderson said. “That’s to raise funds for the Veterans Memorial Walk at Bryant Commons with another Veterans Salute Day. Selling tickets for a 50/50 raffle will raise a lot of money ... We also need to consider what to do with (high dollar) items that have been donated, like a big screen TV and a (memorial) quilt. Do we want to have another raffle for these items or hold a silent auction?”
The consensus favored an auction, though no vote was taken. Faye Morris agreed to head that committee.
Holtzman, who is chairman of the Veterans Memorial Walk Committee and a car show that will be part of the Veterans Salute, said he talked with an air evacuation helicopter pilot who expressed an interest in flying in for the salute.
Anderson said he was in favor of the fly-in but had to clear it with Hinesville Police Chief George Stagmeier. Member Jeff Ashmen warned about overcrowding.
“With a helicopter fly-in, car show, vendors and stage, where do people park?” He asked.
Members decided the car show near the entry gate would not interfere with the entertainment on the pavilion stage, but the helicopter would have to land well away from the crowds, vendor tents and parking lot.
When a member noted the event date coincides with the Georgia-Florida football game, another member suggested having a large-screen TV for football fans. The game is supposed to begin at 4 p.m. The Veterans Salute is scheduled for 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Schneider asked if it would be possible to advertise the event by stretching a large banner across Highway 84 near the entrance to Bryant Commons at least a week before the salute. Anderson, Holtzman and Bruce Muncher said that would have to be approved by the Georgia Department of Transportation. A small sign recently was placed on the fence near the park’s entrance directing the public to Bryant Commons across the highway from the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce.
VanDuser suggested having a large poster or sign inside Bryant Commons that informs about future events, including Veterans Salute Day. Holtzman said HMAC members might want to distribute flyers about the salute at other events.
Nina McCormick, a military spouse and family readiness group member, said she has enlisted the support of the commander of the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team. She said Col. Robert Ashe promised to support Veterans Salute Day by providing as many soldiers as they need for set-up.
The next HMAC meeting is at 7 p.m. Aug. 25.

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