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Red Cross asks people to give back
Denese Register
Red Cross resource development coordinator Denese Register speaks to Rotarians Tuesday. - photo by Photo by Lauren Hunsberger
According to Denese Register, resource development coordinator for the Red Cross, the organization spent more than $215,000 in Liberty County during the past year, aiding families who have endured a natural disaster or fire.
She said they served about 1,898 people, providing clothing, shelter and food services for displaced residents. Register said most people her organization took care of were living in the approximately 255 homes lost to fires, floods and tornadoes.
In addition, she said, the Red Cross put some of that $215,000 to use training more than 300 people in the area.
“We’re in your community every day,” the coordinator said.
On Tuesday afternoon, Register told the Hinesville Rotary Club that it has become difficult to provide services in the area because funding is scarce.
“We don’t raise nearly what we spend here,” she said. Liberty County donated just more than $7,000 to the Red Cross last year. “We’re asking groups of people to raise money.”
And she said she’s not asking for much.
“If everybody can give $1, it would be a tremendous help,” Register said “If every business could give $50 or $100, it would make a huge difference.”
Recently, she said the Red Cross has limited or eliminated some services because of financial restrictions.
“We’ve had to stop providing bedding,” she said. Formerly a popular service, the organization used to give linens, bed sheets and blankets to people who couldn’t afford them.
Residents can be sure their money is going to support a good cause when they donate to the Red Cross, Register said. The nonprofit is the only emergency services organization chartered by Congress.
“We are extremely good stewards of our money,” she said.
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