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Regional Development Center promotes planning
Long County agrees to update plans
MR RDC at commish
Coastal Regional Development Center Planning Director Tricia Reynolds addresses Long commisioners at a recent meeting. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
Tricia Reynolds, the director of planning for the Coastal Regional Development Center, recently went before Long County governmental agencies and talked with leaders about proposed planning options in the area.
She spoke about a partial update on the joint comprehensive plan and addressed the expansion of the coastal plan.
According to Reynolds, the joint comprehensive plan will take into account impacts on Long County and Ludowici from development patterns, capital improvements, budgeting, zoning, ordinances and code enforcement.
Reynolds said the partial update would assess the quality of life in the local community and isolate areas that require special attention.
The partial update hones in on population, housing, economic development, natural resources and intergovernmental coordination.
The timeline for the update, according to Reynolds, starts with an initial meeting sometime in July. The work-through process will last through October and a public hearing will be scheduled in November. There will be a Department of Community Affairs review in either December or January, and a partial update adopting date in February.
Regarding the coastal plan, Reynolds said it initially was made up of six coastal counties, but now the RDC is expanding the group to the inland four counties, including Long.
The plan will focus on water, wastewater, storm inventory, transportation and quality of growth. The plan serves 10 counties and 35 municipalities. It is funded by local dues, contracts and state and federal planning grants.
Regional issues included in the plan include infrastructure, economic development, resources and regional growth management.
“The quality growth audit is done with the regional plan and basically gives you a snapshot of what is here now,” Reynolds said.
More information on the two plans can be found at
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