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Runoff election update, Kemp takes Liberty
Vote Sign outside of courthouse

Last night, Georgians voted outgoing Secretary of State Brian Kemp as the Republican candidate to race against Democrat Stacey Abrams in November. All results remain unofficial until certified by the election superintendent and secretary of state.

As of this morning’s count from all 13 precincts in Liberty County, local Republicans chose Kemp over Cagle 64.35 percent to 35.65 percent. This was a change from last night, where Cagle had the partially reported majority vote. Statewide, Kemp took the win, with 228,000 votes over Cagle, a 40 percent difference.

It remained a tight race for lieutenant governor, with Geoff Duncan pulling slightly ahead of Shafer, winning the state with 50.16 percent of the vote. The whole of Liberty County also voted Duncan as Cagle’s replacement, a change from last night’s results, where Shafer held the lead at 7:30 p.m. Duncan won by a margin of .08 percent, or specifically, two votes.

There was no change in the District 4 board seat race, where Jim Johns overwhelmingly won the seat with a total of 68.22 percent of the vote. His opponent, Annette Payne, pulled 31.78 percent.

Marcia Anderson, current District 4 board member, decided against re-election, and will finish her term at the end of the year. District 4 centers in Flemington and extends out both east and west to Midway, Isle of Wight, Hinesville and Fleming.

Brad Raffensperger took both Liberty County and the state with a majority of the votes. Statewide, Raffensperger received 61.76 percent, while opponent David Belle Isle received 38.24 percent. In Liberty County, Raffernsperger received 58.76 percent, while Isle had 41.24 percent.

In the primary runoff for the state school superintendent, Sid Chapman lost overwhelmingly to Otha E. Thornton, Jr. by 56.68 percent in the county, and statewide, by 18.2 percent.


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