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Rye Patch Road resurfacing, restriping project underway
Rye Patch Rd Resurfacing.jpg
Long County began a resurfacing project on Rye Patch Road last week.

This past week the resurfacing and restriping of Rye Patch Road began, according to Long County Commissioner Mike Riddle. Riddle’s district houses the road, and he said that the work was very much needed.

 “This is our fastest growing area in Long County, and Rye Patch Road is one of our most traveled roadways.” Riddle said. “The road has been in horrible shape for years and I’m glad we could get it done.”

Riddle said that he had hoped the county could secure enough grant funding to complete the entire road, but that the county came up a little bit short.

 “This year we were able to resurface over four miles, from the Liberty County line past the Country Store, with a Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG),” Riddle said. “Hopefully we will be able to finish up that last mile to the dirt road next year.”

Riddle said that though the grant paid for the majority of the project, the county had to put up 15 percent of the cost to qualify for the money.

 “When people ask why we need SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax), a big part of it is for projects like this, our SPLOST paid the county’s 15 percent match,” he said. “Without having that money we would not have been able to receive this grant or do this much needed work.”

Riddle said that all of the county commissioners are dedicated to improving the roads in Long County, and that the next major project will be completed once grant funding has been secured.

 “According to our short-range plan, which the commission approved last October, we will be resurfacing and restriping Joe Kennedy Road next, which I believe is about four more miles of roadwork,” Riddle said.

Over the last two years some of the completed road projects in Long County included resurfacing and restriping Elim Church Road, resurfacing and restriping Cecil Nobles Highway, installing a right-turn lane on North Macon Street, installing chevron turn signs on Barrett Cemetery Road, and installing flashing stop signs on Lee Place Road and Horse Creek Road, according to Riddle.

 “If there is one thing that all of the commissioners agree on, it’s doing all we can to make both the paved and dirt roads the best we can for the citizens of Long County”, Riddle said.

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