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School officials find, confiscate unloaded weapon
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Staff at Lyman Hall Elementary School confiscated an unloaded weapon from a student there today, according to the Liberty County School System.

Students alerted school staff members that a student had a gun in his book bag.

Staff were alerted by students that a student had a gun in his book bag. Upon confiscation, it was noted brought that the gun was unloaded and did not contain a magazine. Investigation showed that the student the gun from home with no intent to harm anyone and simply brought the gun to show off.

The school administration notified law enforcement immediately and are following the law and disciplinary policy as outlined in the Liberty County Code of Conduct.

At no time were students at risk during this situation and school system officials said they were pleased that students quickly informed the adults regarding the item. School system officials also encouraged parents to talk with their children to ensure they do not bring prohibited items to school. 

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