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Some Long voters get new precincts
Several voters will be casting ballots in different locations on Tuesday, but some have already taken advantage of early voting at the courthouse. - photo by Mike Riddle / Coastal Courier
Super Tuesday will be here next week, and as Georgians prepares to decide which candidates they will want their delegate votes to go toward, many folks in Long County will be casting their ballots at different locations.
In District 2, the previous poll was on Oak Dale Road.  However, the new precinct is in the Long County Fire Department Sub-Station on Darwell Long Road.
District 4, was previously in the Old Railroad Depot in Ludowici, but will now be in Ludowici City Hall on North Main Street.
Early voting began on Monday this week, and is ongoing today in the courthouse, for voters who will not be able to vote on Tuesday.
Regular voting will be on Feb. 5 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. at the precinct within each voter's district.
In this election voters will be determining the candidates who will be receiving the nomination from the Republican and Democratic parties.
For more information, call Election Superintendent Marie Middleton at 545-2131.
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