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Sound off for July 18

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

“Don’t waste time going to adult protective services. They won’t do anything to help anyone.”

“Thank you, veterinary doctor, for not getting rid of my kitty when I asked you to. We were both having bad hair days and I was so happy when you gave her back.”

“Hey, Jeff Whitten, McDonald’s is still holding your job at the drive-through window. Better hurry back, buddy.”
Editor’s note: Jeff said that’s an insult to drive-through workers, since he is likely not qualified for that either.

“Why are the older neighborhoods falling apart and the city is not doing anything about it? We do not have an HOA to cover things like our signs falling apart and fixing roads. We are told the city is not responsible by our city council, but no one is taking responsibility for it. Why do we have ask for donations for our sign to be repaired and not the city handle it?”

“I’ve served with one too many Americans that have given their lives for this country and for me this is a sad day, when my  president, won’t stand up for his own country. I believe my president is a coward and lacks the ability to lead this country in a civil manner. The president is a threat to America’s national security just as much as the Russians, North Korea and Iran, because he is nothing more than a Putin’s puppet. Congress must step up and stop turning a blind eye to wrong.”

“Liberty county did a great job putting sidewalks along Highway 196 toward Food Lion. I wish now they would maintain them. The grass is knee high. What a shame.”

“When the Finland summit is over, who should we believe a KGB agent or a known liar? I guess the actions that follow will give us a clue.”

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