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Sound Off for Oct. 16

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These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

“I’m a concerned citizen. I’d like to say I’ve seen Mrs. Reid’s letter to the editor. I’m not in favor of Mrs. Reid being re-elected because of the way she’s treated people at City Hall. I’d like to say to Mrs. Reid you need to change your attitude.”

“Walthourville will never have a permanent police chief. The job is just a stepping stone to a better paying job. Just like any job you look for promotion and opportunity. The chief goes from one department to another.”

“Get over it Libs. Trump is going to win a new term. So you have five more years of it, maybe 13 or so years of it if you don’t stop the whining. You could even get a different Trump elected.”

“It appears that the Republican party of today has had no backbone since the passing of Senator John McCain. He was a true patriot of the party with true intestinal fortitude and who always put the people of this country first. Trump has turned the Republican Party into a bunch of kowtowing cowards who can’t even stand up for what’s morally right in the eyes of God. The Republican Party once operated on principles and values like decency, honesty, and integrity.  They’ve allowed an evil and ungodly man to take control of the party and corrupt it in so many ways. The party has become a weak, blind and politically dysfunctional party who can’t distinguish the difference between right and wrong. Today the Republican Party has failed to carryout out its constitutional responsibility in an honorable manner. Congress should remember duty is to the people and not Trump.”

“If you are a drug dealer in Liberty County and you get caught by the Liberty County Drug task force you only spend 4 or 5 days in the Liberty County Jail; then you are released to sell more drugs. Sounds like the Liberty County Justice System needs a tune up.”

“Something needs to be done about these robo-calls and telemarketers. I have missed doctor’s appointments because I can’t program more than 10 numbers into my phone. Also older folks can’t always deal with things online because they can’t afford the internet. Please bring back brick stores so you can pay your water bills and things like that.”

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