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Sound off for Sept. 1

“I’m concerned that special education teachers are not on students’ schedules if they are in co-teaching classes. The BOE has decided to not list special education teachers on report cards because some may not be highly qualified. What about the teachers that are? They worked hard to get certified in their subject areas but are now being punished for those who do not have them. Are we go to start calling Dr. Perry, Mr. Perry? He worked hard for that title, special educators work hard as well and they should be recognized on student reports.”

“Can you look into the water situation in Walthourville? For the past three weeks our water smells like rotten eggs. We were told to open all outside spigots to flush the system, which we did, but the water still smells. In the process of flushing, we’re adding to our water bill without any positive results.”

“For the person complaining about’s no one’s business who my doctor is or how many times I go to see my doctor. That is personal to the patient and no one else.  An obituary is the writing about the life of the person who just left us to be with the good Lord and last words are written often times by that person before passing or family members left to handle it.  If you have knowledge of any doctors doing something wrong than report it to the state. It has no room in our obituaries.”

“Regarding funding to fix things in subdivisions I have only one question; where did the money come from to build a new sign for Mills Creek Subdivision where Vicky Nelson, our city council person lives?”

“Attention parents make sure you have money on your kid’s lunch account. I know sometimes we forget to pay it but make sure you have money on your kids’ bank account, or the lunch clerks will take their lunches out of their hands and embarrass them until they have money on their account. Just go to Midway Middle School and you’ll witness it first hand, so sad.”

“Lord what is the world coming too, a 16-year-old shooting and killing his father? Lord have mercy on their family, and Lord have mercy on our children.”

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