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Sound off for September 15

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You can call 912-876-3733 or submit a comment at

“For President Trump sure has made America Great for the rich but not the Middle Class and low income people with the runaway prices due to his tariffs on other countries who gave us lower costing products. And he ran the Migrant Farm Workers who worked for 2.00 an hour back across the border of Mexico and food prices have soared thru the roof. When is he and the rest of the Federal Government going to control prices. He must be looking to be impeached, or for another American Revolution.”

“My second grader just informed me that while he was at the library his class had to evacuate the room do to an unruly student. That makes 4 evacuations in two weeks; when is the teacher supposed to teach?”

“Cannot believe my child when he says another student beat on his teacher and broke a laptop! When will my child learn when crazy things are going on instead of teaching?!”

“Yes I’m calling about our sign also, on the corner Windhaven and Veterans Parkway whatever happened to the commission that was making all these promises for the district three area, haven’t seen her since the election so she’s walking around doing all these other things and she can’t come to the neighborhoods to see what needs to be done and talk to the residents in the neighborhood, that I say vote her out when her time comes up again, we don’t need that we need someone with action.”

“When the majority of the class is failing, it’s not the students; it’s the way the teacher’s teaching U.S. history.  Dr. Perry needs to go to Liberty County High School and check out what going on in those classrooms because teachers are not teaching the students the way they should be. Students who have always been A students are failing and that should not be happening. So U.S. history teachers are not teaching the way they should be.” 

“Hey Hinesville, don’t you need five more restaurants, maybe three more shopping centers, how about six more traffic lights all on 84. You already have 100lbs of crap jammed in a 5 lb bag. When will you stop building? Road rage is already here. “

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