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Spud Dock’s mother fights back against T-shirt sales
Tamara Dock
Tamara “Nikki” Dock. - photo by Asha Gilbert

Tamara Dock, Albert “Spud” Dock’s mother, filed a police report on Feb. 22 after a woman was making T-shirts in her son’s name and said the proceeds would be donated to the Dock family. In the report, Dock said she was denied access to any of the funds.

Dock’s suspicions began when WJCL ran a story about a woman saying she was a friend of the Dock family and sold shirts in remembrance of “Spud” Dock who was killed late January after being struck by a drunk driver. The woman, Danielle Yearby, told WJCL she had sold close to 300 shirts to people in the Liberty County community at the time the story ran on Jan. 29.

“She was on there saying that she was a family friend and was making shirts for all the kids,” Dock said. “She said she would be donating the proceeds to our family but I don’t know her, she’s not a family friend.”

Dock said once she was able to deal with the issue, her daughter reached out to Yearby to see if she was indeed donating the proceeds to her family. It was then Yearby told her daughter that she did not make any profits for the T-shirt sales.

“I don’t believe she didn’t make anything because a few people have reached out to me telling me they haven’t gotten their shirts,” Dock said.

Dock said she never had any discussion with Yearby prior to her making shirts and people were inboxing her saying they wished they would have directly donated to her because of the poor quality of the shirts.

“Once everyone started messaging me and making an issue about the shirts, that’s when it started irritating me because right is right and wrong is wrong,” Dock said. “All of this could have been avoided because it’s not about the money; it’s the principle of it.”

 Dock said Yearby was aggressive after her daughter reached out to her and that’s when she made a post on Facebook letting everyone know that the Dock family was not affiliated with the T-shirt sales.

“I’m going through too much to be dealing with people asking about T-shirts,” Dock said.

From there, Dock filed a police report with the Hinesville Police Department to let law enforcement know what was going on and has not yet heard anything back.

“Maybe when she started her intentions were good because I try to see the light in everybody,” Dock said. “All she had to do was reach out and have a conversation with me and we could have avoided all of this.”

The Courier attempted to reach out to Danielle Yearby on Facebook but was unsuccessful.

Spud Dock’s mother fights back against T-shirt sales

The Courier sat down with Tamara Dock about a police report filed Feb. 22 after learning a woman was selling T-shirts in remembrance of her son Albert "Spud" Dock.
By: Asha Gilbert

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