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Court ruling helps balance between Congress, president
Legislative update

Last week in Texas, U.S. Judge Andrew S. Hanen ordered a halt to President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, agreeing with Georgia and 25 other states that filed a lawsuit opposing the president’s attempt to rewrite our immigration system. This is a welcome announcement.
The decision temporarily prohibits the Obama administration from carrying out programs the president announced in November that would grant amnesty to as many as five million undocumented immigrants and cause irreparable harm. Hanen’s most important decision was that states are legally allowed to bring this lawsuit because they are going to suffer measurable costs. For example, it will cost states millions of dollars in mandatory fees set by federal law when these states have to process additional driver’s licenses.
House Republicans have already acted to stand up to the president and restore the balance of power when we passed a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security and block the executive orders. However, Senate Democrats continue to block movement of this bill. They are sending a clear message that they would rather grant legal status and work permits to those who have broken our laws and are in our country illegally instead of protecting the paychecks of the fine men and women who work to protect our homeland.
Funding for the Department of Homeland Security will lapse on Feb. 27 and it’s time for Senate Democrats to allow our bill to move.

Feb. 16:
Today is President’s Day and, because we have no votes this week, we will be in the district.

Feb. 17:
In Savannah … I have the opportunity to attend a news conference near the Georgia Ports in Garden City with U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.
Secretary Foxx is on a nationwide tour to stress the importance of transportation and infrastructure funding for our nation.
The fact that he chose Savannah and the Georgia Ports for a stop speaks volumes of the importance of this area to our nation’s economy.

Feb. 20:
We have the opportunity to tour our nation’s finest Army installation right here in the First District at Hunter/Fort Stewart. My staff and I are honored to receive a personal tour of this great facility by Gen. Blackburn and his fine staff.
The opportunity to see firsthand the impressive equipment and facilities located here is indeed a privilege.
It also provides me with a better understanding of the needs of this facility so that I can be more effective in my role in Congress.
Without question, the most impressive asset that this great facility possesses is the dedicated men and women that we meet today. Those who wear our country’s uniform and serve in our armed forces make us thankful and proud every day. Rock of the Marne.

Carter, a Republican, represents Georgia’s 1st Congressional District. Call him at 912-352-0101 or 202-225-5831 or email

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