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Fort Morris facing steep cuts
DNR lays out budget cutting plans
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Georgia Department of Natural Resources:

ATLANTA - Georgia's parks are being hit with steep budget cuts that will hike fees and cause some sites to reduce their hours just as the summmer recreation season gets underway.

The plan includes keeping the colonial-era Fort Morris at Sunbury closed most days of the week. We'll have more on how the cuts will hit the east Liberty County attraction in Friday's Courier and on the Web after that.

The state Department of Natural Resources announced on Wednesday that it is making the cuts to cope with a nearly 39 percent reduction in state appropriations and a 24 percent projected loss of revenue.

The plan includes reducing service and access at five state parks and cutting operational days at 12 state historic sites. Twelve percent of the state Parks and Recreation and workforce is set to be eliminated and most department employees will be forced to take unpaid furlough days once a month. The state will also limit swimming pool operations.


Georgia Department of Natural Resources:

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