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Governor hopes to update technology
Sonny Perdue
Sonny Perdue
Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue recently announced plans to transform state government’s information technology infrastructure after a recent comprehensive assessment of state IT services confirmed the need for major system changes.
According to the latest evaluation of Georgia’s IT system, the state’s aging infrastructure is struggling to meet industry standards and appropriate levels of security and disaster recovery, creating a serious hazard to supplying critical services to over 9 million Georgians.
Perdue said his new plan will strengthen the system by consolidating IT functions under a restructured Georgia Technology Authority that will manage private sector contracts to keep the state’s infrastructure updated and secure to form “an integrated IT infrastructure that is secure, stable and well-governed.”
“My vision,” the governor said, “is for Georgia to lead the nation’s state governments in IT enterprise management and the innovative use of technology.”
Perdue added the consolidation will lead to a more efficient, leaner organization, but approximately 1,100 positions will be affected as functions are shifted from agencies to GTA or third-party service providers.
GTA officials hope to eliminate positions as vacancies become available over the next year by natural attrition and retirement, including the more than 20 percent of the GTA employees who will be eligible for retirement by the end of 2008.
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