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Governor's anti-litter campaign receives award
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ATLANTA — The Georgia Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America has recognized Gov. Sonny Perdue’s statewide anti-litter campaign, “Litter. It Costs You, as the Best Public Service Campaign for a Government Entity.”
Cookerly Public Relations developed and launched the campaign under the guidance of the Governor’s Litter Abatement and Prevention Task Force.
“Litter on our roadsides   is ugly, costly and shows a lack of respect for our state,” Perdue said. “Millions of dollars are spent each year at the state and local level to clean up our roadsides, money that could be put to much better use if people would throw their trash where it belongs.
It also costs us in terms  of safety, tourism and the environment.”   
“The Litter. It Costs You campaign” focuses on a three-pronged approach to addressing litter: eradication, enforcement and education.
Perdue announced the campaign in August 2006 with a goal of increasing public awareness of Georgia’s litter problem and cleaning up the state’s roadways.
The campaign was designed for use by state agencies, Keep Georgia Beautiful affiliates, conservation organizations and other interested groups.
It includes radio and television public service announcements, an interactive web site and educational materials for teachers. The campaign named Buster, the Brown Trasher, its official mascot to teach children not to litter.
Buster is designed in the likeness of the state bird, the brown thrasher.
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