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Lottery says its having record year
Schools here receive more than $27M
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ATLANTA — The Georgia Lottery Corporation recently announced record first-half profits for education. Georgia Lottery profits for the first half of 2010 totaled $429,754,000, surpassing the record set last fiscal year by more than $8.49 million.
In Liberty County, since the Georgia Lottery’s inception in 1993, 2,420 university system students have received more than $12.9 million from Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship; 815 private college and university students have received more than $3 million from HOPE; and 7,171 technical college students have received more than $11.1 million from HOPE.
More than $27.4 million has gone to Liberty County schools for Georgia’s Pre-K Program, benefiting 8,516 students. The county has received an additional $4.8 million for capital outlay and technology initiatives.
Liberty County businesses also have benefited with local lottery retailers earning more than $15.5 million in commissions.
Liberty County residents have won more than $125.5 million.
Since its first year, the Georgia Lottery Corporation has returned more than $11.4 billion to Georgia for education. All Georgia Lottery profits go to pay for specific educational programs including Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship and Georgia’s Pre-K Program. More than 1.2 million students received HOPE, and more than 1 million 4-year-olds have attended the statewide, voluntary pre-kindergarten program.

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