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Odd news from around the country
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Stowaway cat survives plane ride in suitcase: ORLANDO — When an Ohio woman packed her bags for a Disney vacation, her cat didn’t want to stay behind.

Sometime Monday, Bob-bob the cat found his way into Ethel Maze’s suitcase, made it through screening at Port Columbus International Airport and was loaded into an airplane for a flight to Orlando.

The Orlando Sentinel reported the black cat popped out when Maze unzipped her bag after checking into her hotel Monday night. Maze, of Circleville, Ohio, says the 14-month-old cat was shaken but still purring.

Mike Groleau, who handled the bags for the group, said he thought he saw the bag move, but loaded it along with the other bags heading to Orlando.

Great Dane from Mich. is world’s tallest dog

OTSEGO, Mich.— The Guinness World Records 2013 book published Thursday recognizes Zeus, a Great Dane, as the world’s tallest dog.

The 3-year-old measures 44 inches from foot to shoulder. Standing on his hind legs, Zeus stretches to 7-foot-4 and towers over his owner, Denise Doorlag. Zeus is just an inch taller than the previous record-holder, Giant George.

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