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PSC revises Georgia Power rate case
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ATLANTA — The Georgia Public Service Commission recently approved a change in the schedule for a decision on the Georgia Power Company request for an increase in its base rates.
The commission will issue a decision in the case at its regular administrative Session on Dec. 18. The session will begin at 10 a.m.
The Special Energy Committee meeting for Dec. 18 and the Special Administrative Session on Dec. 20 have been cancelled.
On Nov. 14, the company, the commission’s public interest advocacy staff, the Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs (who represents residential and small businesses) and other parties signed an agreement for a three-year rate plan that would increase rates by $99.7 million annually and establish an environmental recovery tariff that would allow the Company to collect another $222 million per year.
If approved, the agreement would increase the average residential customer’s bill by about $5.23 a month. The Commission has not made a decision on this agreement.
On June 29, the company filed its request with the commission seeking a $406 million rate increase for 2008 that would add $6.67 to the typical household’s average $84.55 monthly bill.
The company also requested additional rate increases for 2009 and 2010.
The total requested increases for those years were $597 million for 2009 and $638 million for 2010. Under the company’s proposal, by 2010, the typical household would pay $10.29 more per month.
The commission held three rounds of hearings on the Georgia Power request in October and November of this year. Any new rates from this proceeding would take effect Jan. 1.
Find more information on this issue on the commission web site at under docket number 25060-U by clicking on Major Rate Cases.
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