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Two members of Bryan BoE retiring
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Bryan County Board of Education member Mary Warnell said Tuesday that she won’t seek re-election to her District 1 seat.
And she’s not the only one who isn’t going to run again. District 5 representative Judy Crosby said late Tuesday night she isn’t going to seek re-election either.
“I’m just tired,” said Crosby, who is in her second term. “I just hope whoever takes my position always keeps what is best for the students first and has a listening ear to everyone involved in the schools.”
Warnell, who is in her second term, said she decided four years ago that she wouldn’t serve more than two terms on the BoE and told that to her constituents. She said she has no intention of changing her mind now.
“If I tell you I’m going to do something I’m going to do it,” Warnell said.
That isn’t to say that Warnell is through with public service. There’s even word she is considering a run for mayor of Pembroke.
“I have not announced anything yet,” Warnell said. “But several people have approached me about running for mayor of Pembroke and it is something I am considering. At a later date I will make that announcement.”
Crosby, who like Warnell has a long track record of involvement with education, said she’ll stay involved in the schools.
“I have a place in my heart for special needs kids,” she said. “Every child is special, but there’s some that need that extra attention. I hope to continue to volunteer with that.”

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