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Weekend could feel Tropical Storm Emily
Emily tuesday  winds
This NOAA graphic shows areas, including coastal Georgia, that could be feeling winds from the storm by Sunday. - photo by NOAA map

Tropical Storm Emily, which is now 260 miles southeast of Puerto Rico, could be influencing weather along the Georgia coast by the weekend.

Monday, forecasters with the National Weather Service's Hurricane Center in Miami were saying Emily could be at hurricane force just off the coast of south Florida by early Saturday. This morning, however, they've noted slowing and conditions that could prevent the storm from strengthening.

It coordinates at 8 a.m. were 15.3N and 63.7W. Watches and warnings have been issued on several Caribbean islands.

The forecast says the story is poorly organized. "The official intensity forecast shows only slow strengthening interrupted by the interaction with Hispaniola…but no longer brings the cyclone to hurricane intensity in the latter part of the forecast period."

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