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Win orders can now be shipped direct
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ATLANTA - Effective July 1, Georgia residents can order wine from wineries located either in the state or outside the state and have the wine shipped directly to a Georgia address.
Wineries must possess a federal wine manufacturing permit and a Special Order Shipping License issued by the Georgia Department of Revenue prior to making direct shipments to a Georgia address.
Consumers are limited to 12 cases of wine (table or dessert) of one brand or a combination of brands from one Special Order Shipping Licensee during a calendar year.  There is no limit on the number of licensees a consumer can receive shipments from during the year.  Shipments can only be made directly to consumers for their personal or household use.  Shipments cannot be made to any location that is licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.
The winery must require the person placing the order to state affirmatively that they are 21 years old and the winery must verify the customer's age by examining an approved government issued identification or utilizing an Internet based age identification service.  Each shipment must be clearly marked "Alcoholic Beverages, Adult Signature Required." House Bill 1061, which authorizes expanded direct shipping, stipulates that the carrier making the delivery is responsible for obtaining the signature of someone at the destination address who is at least 21 years of age.
The winery agrees to collect and remit to the state all applicable taxes as a condition to receiving and maintaining the Special Order Shipping License.
The Revenue Department has issued 201 Special Order Shipping Licenses in 2008, which are good for one calendar year and cost $50.  For CY 2008, the Department has issued a total of 18,720 alcoholic beverage licenses.
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