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STC adult education program exceeds system’s goals
STC adult education program
One-third more graduates (33.93%) earned their High School Equivalency (HSE) in FY23 compared with FY22, with a total of 150 graduates in FY23. Photo by Stephen Morton/Special

Savannah Technical College’s Adult Education program exceeded the goals set by the Technical College System of Georgia for FY2023 (July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023).

STC’s Adult Education program offers free preparation programs for high school equivalency (HSE) seekers along with free English as a Second Language (ESL) classes:

• The program enrolled 15% more students (284) in FY23 compared with FY22, surpassing its goal of 136 additional students with a total of 2,169.

• One-third more graduates (33.93%) earned their HSE in FY23 compared with FY22 with a total of 150 graduates in FY23, surpassing the goal of 140 and the 2019 graduation rate of 136.

• Student gains are also measured with HSE prep/testing. Depending on students’ educational levels when entering the program, milestones to earning an HSE (by taking the GED or HiSet test) may include making an educational gain on a progress test. The program attained 50.73% for its federal student gains metric in FY23.

• ESL enrollment has doubled since 2019.

Savannah Tech’s Adult Education Program provides accessible and high-quality education, serving those who need to improve their basic literacy and math skills, improve their oral and written English, practice for the GED test to attain an HSE degree, and prepare for college. Instructors also help students with science and social studies test preparation for GED testing.

STC teaches adult education classes in the morning, afternoon, evening and online. They are offered in Bryan, Chatham, Effingham and Liberty counties. Adult education classes for GED-prep are currently free for all U.S. citizens. To register for free GED classes, call (912) 4435446 or visit www.savannahtech. edu/FreeGEDClasses. For GED testing information, go to www. to sign up to take test or go to www.savannahtech. edu/testingcenter to learn more about our testing locations.

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