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Street renamed to honor centenarian
OBIT Cherri murrell 0821
Cherrie Murrell - photo by Photo provided.
Cherrie Gaines Watkins Murrell

Cherrie Gaines Watkins Murrell was born April 12, 1909, in Garfield. She moved to Hinesville in the early 1940s with her husband, Spurgeon Watkins, and son, Althen Clemon, who both preceded her in death.
They purchased three acres of land on Folker Road and Murrell lived there until her death on Aug. 17, 2009.
Cherrie Murrell spent a good portion of her 100 years in Georgia living with her family on Folker Road in Hinesville.
Because Murrell’s presence became a fixture on the narrow street near South Main, the city memorialized the longtime resident and her community contributions by renaming the road Cherrie Murrell Street.
On Saturday morning, a group of about 50 people gathered at the intersection of the newly renamed road and South Main. Many spoke about Murrell’s life.
“She spent 60 plus years living on this road,” said close friend and Mayor Pro Tem Charles Frasier as he stood in the street facing the crowd. “She lived right here most of her entire life.”
Murrell’s niece, Tommie Fish, who moved to Hinesville from New York to help care for Murrell over two decades ago also stood in the sunshine at the ceremony attributing her Aunt with introducing her to a wonderful community of people and for helping her make a new home in the south.
“I want to thank you all so much for coming here to honor her,” Fish said. “This is my family now … this is my home now.”
Many city council members, church leaders, and friends were present to share their feelings about the beloved, long-standing resident who they said was known for her generosity and kindness towards her neighbors.
“We are commemorating a life well lived,” Mayor Jim Thomas said. “And recognizing the people who made Hinesville what it is today.”
Also in honor of Murrell, Thomas officially declared April 12 in Hinesville as Cherrie Gaines Watkins Murrell day.
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