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Summer survival for pets: Beware hot cars
Paws Corner
Paws Corner

Dear Paw’s Corner:


I deliver packages on a long route around town every day. It seems that we’ve been inundated with warnings over the past few years about the dangers of leaving pets inside the car on a hot day while their owners go shopping or run errands. 

And yet, almost every day of the summer, I am calling emergency services or asking store managers to page customers because I see pets panting behind rolled-up car windows. 

Please, please remind pet owners to leave their pets at home when they’re running errands! 

Concerned delivery driver  

Dear driver: 

I absolutely agree, and I thank you for insisting on this reminder! 

Even on a day that doesn’t seem too hot – say, 78 degrees F – the interior of a car can heat to well over 110 degrees within five minutes. Now that we’re in the hottest part of the year, that interior temperature climbs faster and higher and can reach 120 degrees easily. No pet can withstand such suffocating heat for long. 

For short trips to the store or to run errands, leave your pet at home. 

If they must come with you (such as during long road trips), they should be left with an adult, and the air conditioning needs to be turned on. 

Of course, a planned outing with your dog is a lot of fun just about any time. But always be mindful of the heat. Bring water for your dog to drink. Head home if your dog is panting heavily and not very active. And do not leave your pet in the car.  

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