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Sunday’s storm confirmed as F1 tornado
Trees Down2.jpg
A small tornado downed trees in east Liberty County on Sunday. - photo by John Henderson

Liberty County EMA Deputy Director Larry Logan confirmed this morning that a category F1 tornado came through the eastern portion of Liberty County on Sunday.

“The wind speed was at about 105 mph,” Logan said. The EMA official said he rode with Warning Coordination Meteorologist Ron Morales with the national Weather Service to assess the damage. Logan said Morales ran the calculations for the storm. He said the NWS expert looked at the girth of the trees that were torn apart and examined the direction of downed trees as part of the assessment, along with looking at damage to buildings.

According to a report on “The tornado first touched down near U.S. 17, about 1.2 miles west of I-95 and mile marker 69. The tornado then moved east-northeast across I-95, where it snapped and uprooted dozens of hard and softwood trees. The debris was thrown across the highway. One truck and one motorcyclist reportedly hit the debris on I-95. The motorcyclist was injured, but the extent of their injuries was unknown. From I-95, the tornado continued east-northeast to Old Darien Road, which runs parallel and just east of I-95. The region between I-95 and Darien Road appeared to be where the most extensive damage occurred. It was estimated that well over 100 trees were snapped or uprooted in this area. A camper trailer was also flipped and rolled approximately 20-30 feet. There was a single family home near the flipped trailer that sustained minor shingle damage to its roof. Beyond this point, the tornado continued east-northeast and moved across mainly across uninhabited marsh. At this point, the tornado appeared to be only periodically on the ground as it moved for nearly an additional 6 miles. The end point of the tornado was along Islands Highway, just north of the Kings Road, in the Half Moon area. There were several snapped and uprooted trees along and near Islands Highway."

Sunday's storm confirmed as tornado

Deputy Director of LCEMA Larry Logan discusses the F1 tornado and how they deal with the aftermath of the damage.
By: Lewis Levine

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