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Teaming up to help Liberty's at-risk youth
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It’s another good news, bad news scenario for the Cider House, an arts outreach program dedicated to working with Liberty County’s at-risk youth.
CHI recently partnered with Inspirations Dance Studio, a local dance performance outlet, to create a new, multidisciplinary youth program entitled, “Living Words.”
Free of charge to area high school students, the project will feature an acclaimed group of poets and choreographers using a mix of hip-hop, spoken word, live music and movement to help teenagers explore what it means to be young in America today.
The initiative will specifically target young people involved in or at threat of being involved in the juvenile court system and pushes the envelope of working with troubled youth by combining “creative movement with creative writing,” according to CHI Executive Director Clarenda Stanley.
“With this project, you have two nonprofits dedicated to making change in the lives of Liberty County’s youth. We aren’t just talking about it; we are doing it,” she said. “We are hoping that this project garners strong community support.  The only way for programs like this to be successful is if the community stands behind them.”
The new venture, however, comes at a time when organizers are again looking for a permanent home to host CHI’s “Spit One” poetry workshops.
The owners of Over Coffee Espresso Café were allowing the organization to use the shop’s space to host its founding initiative, but Stanley said a larger facility with a quieter atmosphere is now needed.
“While we love the combination of cappuccinos and creativity, logistically it wasn’t the best environment for us because of the traffic and the noise from the blender,” she said. “However, we really appreciate how Over Coffee so generously allowed us to use their facility. They really stepped up to the plate.”
Until a permanent home is found, “Spit One” workshops will temporarily be held inside Inspirations Dance Studio.
The next event is scheduled for Aug. 11.
The new “Living Words” sessions are slated to start around mid-September or early October, Stanley said.

Inspirations Dance Studio
Inspirations Dance Studio is at 445 E.G. Miles Parkway, Suite 105 in Hinesville. For information about the studio, visit or call 876-2226.

Cider House
For more information on the Cider House, visit or call 980-9274.
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