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Tornado warning through 10 p.m.
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A tornado warning continues through 10 p.m. for our area, after a warning lapsed at about 4:45, according to the Liberty County Emergency Management Agency.

The watch was originally issued for Liberty and Long counties and the surrounding area by the National Weather Service about 3:30 and extended it through 10 tonight.

The brunt of the storm hit in Hinesville about 4:30. And the fierce front of the storm appeared to have passed by 5, but more of the storm is expected to sweep across the area into night.

The bad weather is being caused by a front moving through the area, mixing cold air with hot.

The storms could drop as much as an inch of rain quickly on widespread area. They are also expected to have high winds and hail. If you see any any people or property threatened by the weather you're asked to call 911. If you see any damaging weather developing, call LEMA at 368-2201

The watch was primarily for the Donald area in northeast Long County about 3:45 and lapsed about an hour later.

A watch means a twister has been spotted in the area and could be headed your way.

1. If a tornado approaches your area, stay away from windows. Flying glass can kill. Remember, a tornado has actually been spotted, so seek shelter immediately.

2. If tornado conditions develop in Hinesville, stay tuned to broadcast media for weather advisories. To learn more about tornadoes, call the Liberty County Emergency Management Agency at 368-2201. Remember, a tornado has been spotted, so seek shelter immediately.

3. If a tornado threatens your area, leave your vehicle or mobile home immediately. Take shelter in a basement, an interior room or hallway on the lowest floor of a building, a ditch, or ravine. Stay down and protect your head. This message is a public service of this station and the Liberty County Emergency Management Agency.


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