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VA plans clinic here
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U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Savannah) announced this week that a new, community based, outpatient clinic will be built to serve veterans in Liberty County, and another will be built to serve those in Glynn County.
"There are 7,260 veterans in Liberty County and 7,854 in Glynn County," Kingston said on Thursday. "This is designed to provide medical care so that the veterans don't have to drive so far to get help."
Funded through the Department of Veterans Affairs, the project is supposed to be completed for use within a year. For the moment, however, the clinic is still searching for a home.
"We don't have a location yet," Kingston admitted. "The hospital in Brunswick is probably, not definitely but probably, going to provide some land."
The clinic could share land or even share a building, but Kingston remains focused on the goal.
"We're flexible on how to get it done," he said. "This isn't just a paper victory to wait on indefinitely. This will happen."
Kingston's persistence may be due, in part, to the amount of energy he put into acquiring the new CBOC for Liberty and Glynn Counties.
"It wasn't an easy sell," he said. "We made sure this didn't fall through the cracks."
The clinic, once finished, will be a highly functioning medical facility.
"It will have medical staff, diagnostic testing, treatment capability. It's a full service clinic for our local veterans," Kingston said. And when it opens, he "certainly plan(s) to be there."
Chris Crawford, Kingston's spokesman, said, "It's a pretty big deal. There were 44 clinics announced yesterday for the entire country, and our district got two of them. Not to toot our own horn or anything, but it just shows you how loud we were being as the squeaky wheel."
Kingston's success with the clinics in Liberty and Glynn Counties will give his next project momentum. "We're working on [clinics] for Waycross and Camden County," Crawford said.

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