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Vehicle crashes into division HQ building
Driver of Humvee ID'd as former soldier
Building 1 crash
The front entrance of Fort Stewart's Building 1 is taped off after a military vehicle crashed into it Monday morning.

Fort Stewart military police and the Army Criminal Investigation Division are looking into why a military vehicle drove into the front of Building 1 Monday morning.

According to Fort Stewart officials, at approximately 10 a.m., a Humvee was driven into the front of the 3rd Infantry Division headquarters building.

The driver, identified as Treamon D. Lacy, 38, was charged with theft of government property and destruction of government property. Lacy, a retired soldier, was booked into the Liberty County Jail on Monday.

Fort Stewart Police, along with Department of the Army Criminal Investigation Division agents, detained Lacy at the 3rd Infantry Division headquarters building immediately following the incident.

Lacy served in the Army from June 2002 to July 2013 as a wheeled vehicle mechanic, obtaining the rank of staff sergeant. He deployed to Iraq twice during his Army career.

There were no injuries from the incident and the driver is in custody. Fort Stewart officials also said there is no active threat at this time.  


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