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Vigil honors man killed outside apartment
Pl Vigil
Johnette Valley, right, cries as she mourns the loss of her son, Damon A. Hardy. On May 29, Hardy’s family and friends held a candlelight vigil on the one-year anniversary of his death. Police are still searching for the gunman. - photo by By Patty Leon / Coastal Courier


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HPD hopes someone will come forward
On May 29, 2007 Damon A. Hardy was gunned down outside the Regency Terrace Apartment complex when he reportedly went outside to break up an argument coming from a group of people who were celebrating the end of the school year. Despite the large number of people at the party no one has come forward to say who fired the weapon.
Exactly one-year later Hardy's grieving mother, Johnette Valley, Hardy's sister Tiara Glover, and a host of family and friends gathered at Liberty Independent Troop Park, adjacent to the apartment complex, for a candle light vigil and remembrance.
"It's been real tough," Ruth Glover, Hardy's grandmother said. "Every minute and every hour and every day and every second we think about him. We can't forget him because he was a loving child. He was a good kid, he didn't bother nobody."
Glover said what they did to her grandson was wrong and she hopes somebody will bring the truth to light.
"I would tell them to turn themselves in and do the right thing," she said. "This is hurting a lot of people. If they turn themselves in it would be better on the family and it would be better on them. They are going to get caught now, they are going to get caught because God has his eye on them and he is going to sure enough make them come in. It's going to whoop 'em. Their conscience is going to whoop 'em.  They need to turn themselves in but they need to do it now, it would give the family some closure. And that is what we need."
"We know for a fact that some people know who did this," Hinesville Detective Doug Snider said. "We know for a fact that people could provide us the information to end this ordeal and we are looking forward for these folks to step forward. Maybe something will touch their heart where they do come forward and provide the information to us."
According to Snider and Major Thomas Cribbs the forensic portion of the investigation is complete. They hope that a witness will step forward and provide the last bit of information to tie up the loose ends.
"I don't think this community wants to be the kind of community that would let people do this kind of thing and get away with it," Snider said at the vigil."I'm hoping that we are not. But if we are going to be the kind of community that doesn't tolerate it then someone needs to come forward and do the right thing and tell the truth."
"It' been sad," Tiara Glover, 14 said. "He went to every birthday and he wasn't there this time when I turned 14. It's sad when we visit his gravesite and the holidays are hard without him."
Hardy was the eldest of Valley's four children. She said he was more than just her son he was her best friend.  
"The vigil means everything to me," she said through sobbing tears. "I always feel his presence and I know he is watching over me and my family. Whoever did this needs to turn themselves in. We need healing, closure.
Anyone with information regarding the death of Damon A. Hardy is encouraged to call the Hinesville Detective Unit at 876-3215.
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