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Walthourville resident picked to help Huckabee campaign
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With Georgia's Feb. 5 primary just over a week away, members of the Georgia for Huckabee organization have been busy canvassing the state for local committee chairs, which was good news for Walthourville resident Phillip Lovett.
Georgia for Huckabee First Congressional District chairmen Pat Tippett and Kay Godwin recently selected the 28-year-old to head the Mike Huckabee for President campaign in Liberty County.
Tippett, who described Lovett as an activist for the Republican Party, said she was pleased to have him on board with the campaign and "working to deliver Georgia to Governor Mike Huckabee."
"Phillip will be responsible for signing up volunteers in the county who will spread Gov. Huckabee's message, participate in phone banking and give out campaign materials," she said.
Lovett said it was an honor to be selected to lead the Huckabee campaign here and he is ready to promote the former Baptist preacher's conservative values and stance on key issues facing the country.
"I am supporting Mike Huckabee because he has a strong plan to bring our borders under control, shrink the size of government, reign in the IRS, improve student achievement, create a veterans bill of rights and his unwavering convictions to the sanctity of life," he said in a statement released by the Huckabee campaign. "Mike Huckabee is an optimist and a man of faith who is best prepared to lead this country."
According to the most recent Rasmussen Reports poll, Huckabee is the leading GOP candidate among Georgia Republicans.
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