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Water 'police' to work Walthourville
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Walthourville city councilwoman Patricia Green had strong words during Thursday night's council meeting for residents illegally using the city's water: Pay up or get cut off.
The councilwoman said Walthourville public works employees recently discovered at least one resident was unlawfully using the city's water supply and, in an effort to stop all illegal use, will start surveying certain sections of the city to find other violators.
Green said much of the illegal use could be attributed to residents receiving water through pipes that were laid down for their homes, but were never put on water meters.
"In the past, when we first got the water lines in, pipes were laid down for houses and we didn't have meters at some of the houses," she said. "So now we're going back around, checking to try to find out where these people are getting water illegally. We've lost a lot of water usage that we can't keep up with."
Among the areas to be surveyed are the Waters Estates subdivision, Guyton Lane and Dunlevie Road.
Residents found to be illegally using city water could be punished with disconnection and a fine or no reprimand at all, depending on who realizes the violation, Green said.
"If (a resident) comes into the office, knows they're getting water, and lets us know, they can pay a deposit and a tap-in fee and keep their water," she said. "But if our (public works employees) go out there, find them getting water and not paying for it, we're going to have fine them."
Surveying is scheduled to begin this week.
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