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Weekend's 2 inches of rain doesn't break drought
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Despite the constant drizzle over the area during the weekend, according to Julie Packett, meteorologist for the NOAA in Charleston, the Savannah, Hinesville area is still currently considered “abnormally dry.”
Although the area received about .67 inches of rainfall on Saturday, about 1.55 inches on Sunday, and already .10 inches as of 8:00 Monday morning, Georgia is still facing consequences of a dry summer, or rather a series of dry summers.
“We’re not necessarily in serious drought conditions, but rain is always going to be welcome,” Packett said. “Droughts dry out the land; the soil temperature and moisture levels drop. The vegetation also dries out which is something people usually notice.”
The reason why Georgia, despite a season full of tropical storms and potential hurricanes, is still considered in a drought is because it takes a lot of rain to relieve the deficit that has carried over from a series of dry summers.
“It takes a lot to get out of a drought especially in areas that are typically dry,” Packett said.
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