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Why native plants can keep Liberty County beautiful
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Keep Liberty Beautiful is a county program to improve the area's environment.

Mrs. Avier Pyles, KLB Volunteer Coordinator, and our pollinator garden whisperer wanted to share some excellent information for National Planting Day.  Did you know many of the popular plants in today’s gardens are imported from other parts of the world?  Peter Scholtens of Verbinnen’s Nursery wrote, some companies specialize in going overseas to find new plants to introduce to the North American landscape. Yet native plants are making a comeback, and more and more people are emphasizing them. Why is this taking place? Partly because people realize that our native plants are beautiful, too, and because people in general and gardeners are becoming more ecologically conscious.

There are four reasons why native plants are a better choice for the ecologically conscious gardener.

First, native plants are essential for supporting the needs of local wildlife populations. While all plants can provide shelter and food like berries, native plants offer the most significant benefits.  Native plants also support a wide variety of insects that feed a protein source for many other animals. These insects are especially necessary for local bird populations when they are raising young. Many people use bird feeders to attract birds. Another way of attracting birds is by utilizing native plants in the landscape.

Second, native plants may require less care than some other types of plants. Native plants are indigenous or local to a particular area. They are typically better adapted to the local environment. They have developed defenses that allow them to coexist with other species in the environment. Gardens that include imported plants often require special care, including the use of pesticides and fertilizers that may have adverse effects on the ground.

Third, there are species of wildlife that are entirely dependent on specific native plants to survive. Local wildlife may have a unique ecological relationship with the native vegetation. When that native plant disappears, the nature it supports may disappear as well. For example, the Karner Blue butterfly is endangered because its larval host plant, the wild lupine, is increasingly rare. And the well-known monarch butterfly caterpillar is entirely dependent on milkweed for food. By growing native plants in your garden, you will support other native species.

Fourth, native plants in gardens act as a source of seeds and keep local natural areas populated with native plants. Germs are spread by wind, water, and wildlife from plants in residential landscapes into local parkland, trail right-of-ways, and conservation areas. One of the long-standing problems with non-native plants is that these plants spread throughout wild regions. Ensuring that the plants in the landscape are not invasive will help solve this problem.

National Planting Day focus on native plants, is right around the corner, and we need your help in Liberty County by planting species native to Georgia this year. We will be celebrating bringing awareness to Native Plants on September 5, 2020. Between September 5 and continuing through November 15, we ask that our community join Keep Liberty Beautiful in planting native species. 

Fall is considered the best time of year to plant native trees, shrubs, grasses, vines, and perennials. The term “native” refers to all species of plants naturally occurring, either presently or historically, in any United States ecosystem. You can conserve water, protect soil from erosion, and create wildlife by merely planting native species. A native plant garden also can supply a community with beautiful flowers and raise awareness about the importance of protecting and restoring local ecosystems for future generations.

Here are some ways you can join Keep Liberty Beautiful in our fight to restore the native ecosystem here in Liberty County:

• Community gardeners, we are calling you to plant native species and share your tips, pictures, and story with us on our Facebook page.

• Community groups, businesses you can help by planting more native foliage around your business to show your Georgia pride.

• Spread the word! That’s an easy one, and you can share information from our Facebook or Instagram page or read this article to everyone you know.

• Start a native plant garden in a highly visible location in the community. This garden can be a demonstration garden, promoting the beauty and function of native plants in our neighborhood. 

• National Planting Day is an excellent opportunity to include students in schoolyard greening events where students not only learn about flora native to where they live but become active in a community project.

Keep Liberty Beautiful will celebrate Notional Planting Day by participating at the local Farmer’s Market on September 3, posting different activities across or social media platforms, and doing our part to spread awareness about native plants. 

We ask that the community come out to the Farmer’s Market on September 3 and support our local farmers that provide fresh produce. 

Stop by and say hello, look for the Keep Liberty Beautiful tent from 3 pm until 7 pm. 

Details for this upcoming event and all of our fun virtual activities will be posted on our Facebook page, and our Instagram page, all under the name Keep Liberty Beautiful. 

We will also be partnering with a local florist to get an assortment of native plants to giveaway to the community. 

Please make sure you are checking all of our posts so you won’t miss out on receiving a free Native plant and seeds.  

To learn other ways you can make a difference, contact Keep Liberty Beautiful through our website:, phone (912) 880- 4888, or email

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