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Winners of the EmpowerYOU 5K event
EmpowerYOU winners
The winners of the EmpowerYOU 5K event posing for a group photo, courtesy of CE Photography.
EmpowerYOU shirt
The shirt presented at the EmpowerYOU 5K event with the event's logo.

With the success of the EmpowerYOU 5K event, the Coastal Courier would like to congratulate and acknowledge the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for the women and men's divisions.

For the women’s division , 1st place went to Italy Taylor. In 2nd there was Brooke Amerson, followed by Niyah Telfair in 3rd.

For the men’s division, Matthew Castle took 1st place, with Jamaal Wilson in 2nd place, and Terrence Telfair in 3rd.

The event was DJ’d by DJ VSTR8, and photographed by CE Photography.  

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