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Youth Leadership Commission sworn in
CC Youth Commission
State Representative Al Williams, D-Midway, stood before the Youth Commission and read the oath of office, which all accepted.
CC Youth Commission 2
Liberty County's Youth Commission.

The Liberty County Board of Commissioners held their regular meeting on Jan. 7, where the new Youth Community Leaders Commission was formally sworn in to their official duties.

County Administrator Joey Brown read the resolution for the new Youth Commission noting that the youth, through their collaborative efforts, can serve as a catalyst to bring about more unity, harmony and positive change in the county and community.

“There is a need for a mechanism which will allow for the distribution of information, coordination of activities and sharing of resources,” Brown said in reading through the resolution. “And whereas there is a need for interaction and communication among the youth representing the various schools and communities.”

State Representative Al Williams (D-Midway) stood before the Youth Commission and read their oath of office which all duly accepted.

“One day you will appreciate that you were the inaugural group,” Donald Lovette said. “And one day you will appreciate that a state representative was present to do the swearing in ceremony for you. I promise you years from now it will be a moment you won’t forget.”

Commissioner Justin Frasier thanked all the commissioners for working on getting the youth Commission program started. 

Assistant County Administrator Bob Sprinkel said the Youth Commission Project was a dream come true for him and the entire board of commissioners.

“We have talked about this for many years,” he said. “Commissioner (Justin) Frasier, I know that you have worked diligently on this, and I can name every one of the commissioners who’ve had a say in this…Chairman Lovette you’ve been a big push in this because you definitely believe in the youth. These are your future leaders. They are taking the first steps in learning what they need to do to become a commissioner a representative, senator, future governor or even President of the United States.

Sprinkel then turn his focus to the parents that attended the meeting in support of their children.

“You all have done an awesome job,” he said to the parents. “You all have raised some great young people. These young people, I’ve worked with some for a couple of years and others for about one year and they are near and dear to me because they have really done a great job. You should be very proud of them because they have really stepped up their game.”

The inaugural Youth Commission consists of youth who reside in the county, grade 9-12, that showed an interest in civic engagement and community service. The newly sworn in Youth Commissioners all filled out detailed applications and will serve a one year term. The Youth Commission will next elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Historian, Treasurer and Parliamentarian and will hold regular meetings in accordance with the Georgia open Meetings Act. 

The Youth Commissioner will work alongside count department and community groups to identify and discuss issues facing youth in the county and develop strategies to resolve them. They will help to educate the young people in the community about their roles as citizens. 

At their next meeting they will review their by-laws, consider their newly elected roles and responsibilities and discuss goals.

After the ceremony the Board of Commissioners approved a zoning change request for parcels at Habersham Plantation, off Leroy Coffer Highway, to be changed from PUD to Agriculture.

They also moved forward with an RV Ordinance allowing the Liberty County Planning Committee to work on the wording and ordinance structure which would then be brought back to the board for action.

Liberty County Chamber and CVB Director Leah Poole provided the board with a bi-annual report of activities and accomplishments. 

The board also adopted a resolution supporting a constitutional amendment on the ballot for a statewide vote for legalization of casino gambling.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is opposed to casino gambling but has said he will not act to keep the people from voting on the issue. Revenue from gambling, Kemp said, would go to Georgia’s HOPE scholarship program. 

Williams is a member of a committee named by House Speaker David Ralston to study how gambling should be regulated if it gets through the General Assembly and a statewide vote.

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