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America can’t see around the corner
Dee McLelland new

We are a lucky group of American citizens, even though right now we can’t see around the corner as far as being a country goes.

Half our folks think the government has done a terrible injustice to our society by pushing not only an agenda that is reckless and expensive, while the other half thinks the new administrations popping up over the country at all levels, haven’t gone far enough.

It was Charles Barkley, oddly, years ago that said athletes aren’t role models.

I agree.

Athletes in our day and age now are paid millions of dollars and think their opinions should shape the world which we live in. 

I completely disagree.

Also, politicians, fueled by special interests and bank accounts think their opinions should shape the world.

I completely disagree again.

I was driving the other week through sections of the three counties we cover, Liberty, Long and Bryan County and I was looking at several houses that have long since passed their prime and are now runover with kudzu and various other plants along with sunken roofs and broken windows.

I wonder what caused them to end up in such disrepair? Possibly the family couldn’t maintain them or keep up with taxes or possibly there was a medical misfortune and the family couldn’t cope. Regardless, they were once pretty homes and from the lots they sit on they were probably something to marvel at years ago.

Our country goes through ebbs and flows, but now we seem to pander to a small faction of the country and not to the majority. A majority, I might add, took a lot of things for granted and flourished under a system that was set up with inherent advantages and disadvantages. They can’t be all wiped out by a few trillion dollars and squabbling politicians on both sides of the fence.

America was never meant to have two political parties, we were supposed to have one united, independent party which made decisions based on the welfare of the citizens which inhabit this country. Now we are at the whim of corporations and countries which have no ‘good will’ towards us and angle themselves to be in a better vantage point to take advantage of our now, very apparent, weaknesses. 

I’m not sure how we get out of our current predicament, but I do know one thing, and for me it seems resoundingly apparent. You can’t promise people free money, no accountability from their actions and offers of continued assistance and expect us to remain a free and independent country.

Our society, at least the current majority that our major media reports on, are willing to take anything they can get without effort or work. We have billionaires fly to the edges of space (as Patty Leon points out so well in her column to the left), yet, we push to the side what could be, and should be, accomplished right here. Not the world, mind you, I give a rat’s butt what some other countries have done to themselves, but to be perfectly candid, I’m more concerned about what is happening with ours.

We won’t fix this with trillions of ‘made up’ money, what we will do is fix it with common sense and to be honest again, solve it by people who don’t have their hands deep into someone’s bank account.

America deserves better and the many men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice deserve better. They demand better by the very virtue of the blood and lives they left on battlefields for this country and that includes those who serve and protect us everyday here in our own communities.

If you see me, say “Hey!”

Dee McLelland is Publisher of the Coastal Courier and the Bryan County News.

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