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An open letter to NAACP leader
Letter to the editor

Editor and President Rev. Dr. Francys Johnson: I read with great embarrassment the article in the Feb. 1 Coastal Courier outlining your comments during your visit to Dorchester Academy, Liberty County.

Your reference to President Donald Trump as an illegitimate president is nothing short of shameful for an individual with your education and credentials.

I have heard these comments on national news and written news sources. But hearing them up front in my face and in my community hit hard and hurt. Not the kind of unity message one expected from your visit.

He ascended to office as outlined in our constitution via the vote of our country.

You should note that his presidency and oath of office was recognized and supported by President Carter, President Bush, President Clinton, President Obama and, of course, his main competition Secretary Clinton. President Trump is the fifth president to be elected without the majority of the popular vote. Legal precedent is well established and accepted by our citizens.

I won’t take up your time to tout the rationality of the Electoral College system, as given to us by our founding fathers, but will point out that it is the constitutional law of the land and failure to support it is placing oneself in a very un-American position.

Like many of us, Trump was not my first choice, but I will support, assist and defend him in his efforts to better our country. Sir, I invite you to review your position and feel that you and your organization would benefit greatly by an open review.

Joe Gillam


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