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Be careful where your garbage goes
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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People who litter just blow my mind. I do not understand where anyone gets the idea that tossing your trash on the ground makes any sense.
I am not sure that anyone who does that has a brain at all.
And then we have those folks who never would consider purposely tossing their trash, but seem blind to what happens to garbage in their open vehicles. Folks who never would think of  tossing trash out the windows of their vehicles seem to forget that when they toss it in the back of a truck in an unsecured garbage bag or just on its own, the wind can make that trash take flight.  
We all have seen trash blowing out of commercial trucks as well the vehicles of local citizens who consider the backs of their vehicles to be mobile trash cans. It might seem handy to them to just toss their fast-food wrappers, cups, etc., in their truck beds, but even at moderate speeds, garbage and empty containers can become airborne. This litter does not just spoil our scenery. Debris on our roads can have a severe impact on wildlife that mistake it for food. It also can end up in our waterways and affect water quality. This roadside litter is one of the most problematic causes of water pollution.  
Litter and debris also can cause serious road hazards.  The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety reports that roadway debris contributes to a number of fatalities each year in Georgia. The enforcement of unsecured loads is one more way to increase safety on our roads.  
Litter caused by unsecured loads also is costly for taxpayers.  Municipal, county and state governments have to spend an enormous amount of money to clean up the messes that litterers create. In addition, each year volunteers spend thousands of hours cleaning up streets and roads throughout our community.
The heart of the issue lies in holding accountable those who litter intentionally. Those who let litter blow or fall out of their vehicles “accidentally on purpose” still are responsible for their actions and the consequences that affect all of us who live here.
All of us share a responsibility in keeping our community clean and beautiful. Garbage and other items in vehicles should be secured. The use of garbage bags or containers to haul trash and the use of tarps, nets and/or covers to secure items in trucks can make a significant difference in the amount of litter accumulating on our roads.  
It is a simple solution. Just put a lid on it! We should all do it. After all, it is the law.

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