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The BoE and an apology offer to Lee
Letter to editor
Letter to the Editor generic

Editor: Explosive reporting by Patty Leon on the board of education fiasco, defined as — “a thing that is a complete failure, especially in a ludicrous or humiliating way.” 

As a quick recap some of the reported violations being reviewed by the accreditors are: vulgarity, improper access of facilities, “secret” meetings, micromanagement of LCCS superintendent, and violations of parliamentary procedures. Isn’t Roberts Rules of Order taught in fifth or sixth grade?

After reading the AdvancED full report on the Courier website I not only felt but heard the sonic boom of incompetence by our Board Of Education Chair and members. 

The reviewers presented their findings in four color coded rankings (perhaps that’s easier for some to understand). 

They being; blue (exceeds expectations), green (meets expectations), yellow (emerging), and red (needs improvement). 

At least our BOE members were consistent — they were red (needs improvement) in all areas assessed.

This begs several questions. Why are any incumbents even running for reelection? How are our children supposed to receive a quality education when those calling the shots are doing such a terrible job? How many other school systems in Georgia are on the verge of having their board being fired and taken over by the state?

The only ray of hope and encouragement I see in this sordid affair is the professionalism and dedication of each school’s teachers and staff.  Thank you for trying to hold things together for the good of our children.

Finally, some have said I have at times been overly critical of former Superintendent Dr. Valya Lee.

Based on this reporting, it must have been difficult to function to your fullest while being micromanaged by those less competent. 

I offer to you an apology at high noon on the day of your choosing at the county courthouse flagpole followed by lunch at your favorite restaurant — my treat.

Please get out and vote to put an end to this madness for the sake of our children.

Bruce A. McCartney

Trade Hill Community


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