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Christian educators should model faith
honor roll

Area schools start classes back this week and next. For both students and educators, the new year brings many challenges.
Several years ago, I went through a course to get my qualification to be a substitute teacher. During the class a question arose regarding the “moment of silence.” A lady, who appeared to be in her early 20s, asked what teachers were allowed to do during this time and could they pray.
The teacher told her the school system preferred its teachers stand quietly monitoring their class and not give the appearance that they were praying. He said that if they wanted to pray, that was OK, but just not give the appearance of prayer.
I got with the instructor after the course and told him he was out of line. He didn’t agree and said he was just providing information that had been given to him.
I did little teaching in that school system.
Reflecting on that incident and realizing school is upon us, I encourage all Christian teachers, administrators and elected school-system officials to be bold in proclaiming what the Bible says. The biggest lie sold to our country by liberal courts, liberal elected leaders and the majority of the mainstream media is that our Constitution demands that we have a separation of church and state. Not having the printed space for all the details, in short what the First Amendment simply says is that our federal government will not establish a national Christian denomination, nor will it interfere with the states choosing their Christian denominations.
For many students, the only religious role model they will see this year is a teacher or principal who is a Christian. So, board members, when that complaint is issue about that teacher who is bold with her walk as a Christian, you be just as bold in supporting her.
This challenge isn’t for just educators. It is something all of us should do, whether we work in a school, for a city, county or in business. I’m not saying we should be preaching when we are supposed to be working. I am saying when the opportunity comes up, share the good news of Jesus Christ.  
Many people will say we are the last people who need to talk about Jesus. They will say we are hypocrites. They’ll remember every mistake we ever made. The response should be, “I may not always do what’s right, but I know where to find out what right is, and that’s in the Bible. And I’m doing my best to try to do what that book says.”

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