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City enforces nuisance laws
Steve WelbornApril2018
Steven Welborn is director of the Hinesville Code Enforcement Office. - photo by Photo provided.

Since Hinesville’s establishment in 1837, we have grown in not only population, but also in our commitment to serve our citizens. Part of our mission as a city government is to provide the highest quality of life to our residents, businesses and visitors.

The community and environment we live in effect our quality of life as much as individual efforts. City of Hinesville code enforcement officers strive each day to improve our community to help accomplish that mission.

While some view code enforcement as an annoying intrusion, others see it for what it is — an important function of local government to enforce laws and codes that make our community better. Nuisance laws and property maintenance codes are a large part of that focus for code enforcement officers.

Now that springtime is upon us, grass and other vegetation will start growing again and become a challenge for all of us to keep maintained. The majority of complaints called into code enforcement during this growing season is overgrowth. Though code enforcement will be quite busy addressing all of the complaints, they will also be assigned neighborhoods in which they will address any and all code violations they observe. They will be rotating around the city to ensure they work each and every council district.

Some of the code violations they will be looking for are excessively overgrown and neglected properties, unenclosed junk and litter, inoperable vehicles and vehicle parts, residential parking restrictions, safety concerns (i.e. obstruction of view and missing building numbers), and right-of-way encroachments (i.e. temporary signs and basketball goals).

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please feel free to contact one of our code enforcement officers.

They are here to serve you.

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