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Climate change should not be political
Ted Harris mug

Dear Editor,

The senate bipartisan agreement on inner structure has yet come to the floor for a vote. I feel it is very unfortunate that they made the decision to cut climate change out of this deal. Climate change is one of the pressing issues we face today as a country and as human beings. Senator Mitch McConnell and minority leader Kevin McCarthy are speaking babble to a willing band of follows in the house and senate. All they talk about is the 2022 and 2024 election when we just had one. It’s a simple language that starts with a capitol N and ends with O.

For decades now, one party has buried its head in the sand when it’s comes to climate change to the detriment of the peoples of our nation and the world. We have grown use to extreme weather events in our life time. But we never seen anything like, “Heat Domes and Freeze Domes,” which are happening now and in Texas this year. Mother Nature is asking a question, “Can you feel me now”?

These Politicians are prepared to give her the

same one-word answer NO.

I ordered wine from my classmate’s company, Rizzo Winery in Oregon and was told they have never seen nothing like the heat dome before. My 13 years old great nephew who lives in Houston TX was caught up in the freeze dome. Where it took over a week to restore power and had no communication with the outside world.

The congress of the United States of America needs to stop playing partisan politics with the health and welfare of the people of the earth. They need to take up this matter with a sense of urgency and face the fact that climate change is a, “REAL EMERGENCY”!

Ted Harris Midway, Ga.-


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